September 29, 2022  –  Thursday

**Holly Lail - will have one of her regular treatments on Friday.  Continue to pray for her healing and strength as she does these treatments and also keep Randy and the boys in your prayers.

**Wayne & Betty Dyson - pray for them as they deal with their health problems.  Wayne is to begin some home rehab a couple times a week.

**Betty Stamey - the blood pressure medicine she was taking has hurt her eyesight to the place that she can't see to read things now.  Her eye doctor says he doesn't think she will regain what sight she has lost.  Keep her in your prayers.

**Helen Bivens - her room number at College Pines is Room #307.  Please continue to keep her in your prayers. 

**Jim Brittain - keep praying for him concerning his health problems. 

**Robert Davis (Ronnie's brother) -  continue to keep him in your prayers. 

**Karen Bumgarner - continue to keep her, Ernie and all the family in your prayers.

**Harry Dippman (Henry Hudson's brother-in-law) - continue to keep him in your prayers with his health problems and cancer. 
**Luke Shubert - his cancer is on his spine and causing him a lot of pain.  They haven't been able to do radiation because the pain causes him to be unable to remain still long enough to do them.  Please keep him in your prayers.

**Ryan Marlow - has been moved to a specialty hospital in Knoxville, Tennessee to continue his hospitalization and rehab.  Please pray for him and his family.
**Pray for the people of Ukraine as they continue to face so much from the Russian invasion of their country.

Geneva Brittain
Virginia Davis                                       
Betty & Brian Stamey                                                                  
Joni & Mickey Laney                              
Tab Decker                                          
Rachel Lail
Olin Huffman                                           
Betty & Wayne Dyson                            
Alesha Williams                                     
Debbie Hudson                                                                           
Craig Ivy
Johnny & Tina Styles 
Shawna Winstead (Betty Huffman's niece)  
Diane Lowman (Sylvia's cousin)           
Barbara Mone - kidney failure and needing a transplant
Hazel & Donald Williams
Linda Davis
Michael & Maria Hudson
Beth Hudson
​​​​​​​Kenneth Hudson (Allen's father)
​​​​​​​Jerry Fredell
Carbo Huffman​​​​​​​
Blain Hudson
Buddy & Terisa Sizemore
Rick Safriet
Charles & Mildred Lewis
Billy & Vivian Mace
​​​​​​​Preacher Ryan Marlowe
​​​​​​​Katelyn Lambert McKinney

Erica Lowman - cancer                         
Jim Brittain - cancer                             
Carl Ledbetter - cancer                         
Sammy Smith - cancer                                              
Charles Lewis' daughter - cancer           
Rev. Phil Chapman - brain tumor           
Milton Yancey - Leukemia                     
Robert Davis - cancer                           
Johnny Huffman - prostate cancer
Roger & Shelia Messenger - Roger has cancer 
Michael & Terisa Martin - cancer 
Mary Van Dyke - cancer
Holly Lail - cancer
Larry Lail - cancer   (no longer taking treatments)
Ronnie Davis - cancer​​​​​​​
Ronnie Brittain - Lymphoma
Joyce Barlow (wife of Pastor Allan Barlow) - brain tumor
Ronnie Stamey - cancer
Karen Bumgarner (Hazel's daughter) - cancer
Luke Shubert - cancer
Arthur Hansley (Joni & Mickey's son-in-law) - cancer
​​​​​​​Charles Bolick - lung cancer
Harry Dippman (Henry's brother-in-law) - cancer
​​​​​​​Larry "Jones" Mace - brain tumor

Pray for our nation, our leaders, our military and their families
Pray for our law enforcement, firefighters, first responders, doctors, nurses and EMS workers
Pray for those in the medical field dealing with all who are sick while putting themselves at risk.