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Sermons, prayer requests, and updates for our church family
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Prayer Requests

July 10, 2020  –  Friday



**Johnny Lowman's family - continue to keep them in prayer; they truly will need our prayers for the coming days and not just for them but Brenda, Jane and the rest of the family.  The funeral arrangements are as follows - the family will receive friends tonight from 5:30 until 8:00 at Heritage Funeral Service in Valdese and then the funeral will be at Mt Calvary Baptist Church on Saturday at 2:00. The service will be inside the church but there will also be the option of listening to the service while sitting in your car in the parking lot.

**Jane Clark - had some tests done yesterday at Valdese on her lungs; keep her in your prayers.

**Rachel Lail - is doing okay although she is swollen and bruised from the oral surgery; continue to pray for her as she heals.

**Larry Lail, Randy's father - had his port put in Monday; he will see the oncologist on Monday and also start his treatments; keep him in your prayers, also keep Randy and all the family in your prayers.

**Holly Lail – had a treatment today but her blood count isn't high enough for her to be able to have a treatment on Friday; please keep her in your prayers; also be praying for Randy and all the family while she goes through these treatments; she is scheduled to have them for twelve weeks.


**Jan Huffman - had her follow-up with the doctor today; he has released her to go back to work next week.

**Guy Stamey - will be going on July 20th for the first IV chemo treatment and he will have one every three weeks for a total of four treatments.  If he tolerates them well they will then put a port in for him and he will take all his treatments from here on in this manner.  He will also be seeing his heart doctor on July 15th so they can check his heart to see if there was any damage from the other medicine so keep him in your prayers about that also.  Continue to keep Betty in your prayers as she continues to deal with her hip pain.

**Beverly Ellis - saw the orthopedic doctor today about her knee; he said there was nothing that required surgery as of now but he did put some shots in it and told her to ice it; keep her in your prayers.

**Joyce Brittain - continue to pray for her as her finger heals from surgery; she will go back next week to have the stitches removed and discuss any therapy she might need; she is still have a lot of problems with her balance and plans to call to Winston to get an appointment there about it; she asks everyone to please pray for her about this situation.

**Jim Brittain - is to see the doctor this week about starting the injections in his back to try to help with the pain that he has been having; he will them begin those injections next week so continue to keep him in your prayers.

**Jake Bevins - continues to keep him in your prayers as he heals and has his therapy ahead for him.

**Darnell Hudson - continue to keep her in your prayers as her ankle is still healing; it is going to take time for it to completely heal.

**Continue to pray for Mallory Sherrill; she is improving and has improved to the point that they are planning to move her to a rehab facility; she still has a long road ahead so continue to pray for her.

Joni and Mickey Laney                          Margie Austin                                     

Helen & Ken Bivens                              Hazel & Donald Williams

Brenda & Henry Hudson                        Linda Davis

Rachel Lail                                           Michael & Maria Hudson

Betty & Wayne Dyson                           Carbo Huffman

Jane Clark                                           Johnny Huffman

Alesha Williams                                    Katelyn Lambert

Tab Decker                                          Blain Hudson

Erica Lowman                                      Buddy & Terisa Sizemore

Debbie Hudson                                    Rick Safriet

Sandra Mauney                                    Charles & Mildred Lewis

Larry Lail                                             Billy Mace

Craig Ivy                                             Eldon Hindegardner                                                 

Jim Brittain - cancer                             Bill Shook - cancer

Harold Dyson - cancer                          Carl Ledbetter - cancer

Rose Cook - cancer                               Ronnie Davis - cancer

Sammy Smith - cancer                          Chuck Adams - bone cancer

Charles Lewis' daughter - cancer            Jake Hamby - cancer

Milton Yancey - Leukemia                      Dennis Huffman - cancer            

 Continue to pray for Wilkies Grove as they search for a pastor.                                                                                  


Pray for our nation, our leaders, our military and their families

Pray for our upcoming elections

Pray for our law enforcement, firefighters, first responders & EMS workers

Pray for those in the medical field dealing with all who are sick while putting themselves at risk

Pray for all that are involved in fighting and finding a treatment for the Coronavirus






**We will continue to put service information on the website so continue to check back for information about future services and changes or updates.


**Our Senior Citizen trip has been cancelled for then and has been rescheduled for a Christmas program on December 12th.  We will give you more information about this trip later on in the year.


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