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Congregation - 'Love Lifted Me'

Congregation - 'Tell It to Jesus'

Congregation - 'Heaven's Jubilee'

Congregation - 'When All of God's Singers Get Home'

Congregation - 'Where Could I Go?'

Congregation - 'This World is Not My Home'

Congregation - 'We'll Understand It Better By and By'

Congregation - 'What a Friend We Have in Jesus'

Congregation - 'I Want to be Ready to Meet Him'

Congregation - 'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus'

Congregation - 'My God is Real'

Congregation - 'Hold to God's Unchanging Hand'

Congregation - 'Leaning on the Everlasting Arms'

Congregation - 'In the Shadow of the Cross'

Congregation - 'Glory to His Name'

Congregation - 'Higher Ground'

Congregation - 'My Savior First of All'

Congregation - 'I am Thine O Lord'

Congregation - 'He Whispers Sweet Peace to Me'

Congregation - 'Blessed Assurance'

Congregation - 'Hand in Hand with Jesus'

Congregation - 'I Am Bound for the Kingdom'

Congregation - 'There is Power in the Blood'

Congregation - 'He Set Me Free'

Congregation - 'I Bowed On My Knees and Cried Holy'

Congregation - 'Precious Name'

Congregation - 'I Want to Know More'

Congregation - 'Sweet Hour of Prayer'

Congregation - 'I'd Rather Have Jesus'

Choir - 'I Am'

Choir - 'I Have Been Born Again'

Choir - 'It Took the Blood'

Choir - 'He Has Risen'

Choir - 'Test of Time'

Choir - 'I Can Still Pray Through'

Choir - 'How Excellent is Your Name'

Choir - 'Jesus Christ is Lord'

Choir - 'He Still Reigns'

Choir - 'King of Eternity'

Choir - 'I'll Know the Sound'

Choir - 'I'll Live Again'

Choir - 'It's Been Worth Every Mile'

Choir - 'Thank You Lord for Your Blessings On Me'

Choir - 'God Still Answers Prayer'

Choir - 'Burdens are Lifted at Calvary'

Choir - 'The Lily of the Valley'

Choir - 'The Landing Will Be Safe'

Choir - 'God is Still Good'

Choir - 'He's Still in Control'

Choir - 'There is a Place'

Choir - 'While the Ages Roll'

Choir - 'We're Not Alone'

Choir - 'Wedding Music'

Choir - 'I Can Make It'

Choir - 'Jesus is Precious'

Choir - 'All I Need'

Choir - 'By the Blood of the Lamb'

Choir - 'The Next Time He Comes'

Choir - 'Worthy the Lamb'

Choir - 'Roll on Jordan'

Choir - 'He's a Great God'

Choir - 'Christ is There'

Choir - 'At Calvary'

Choir - 'This Same Jesus'

Choir - 'When the Clouds Roll Back'

Choir - 'I Have a Hope'

Choir - 'What a Promise'

Choir - 'How Sweet Are the Promises'

Choir - 'Safe Thus Far'

Choir - 'Longing for Home'

Choir - 'I Want to Be Ready'

Choir - 'Atonement's Been Made'

Choir - 'I Am Free'

Choir - 'If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again'

Choir - 'Tell Mother I'll Be There'

Choir - 'Mother's Way'

Choir - 'This One Thing I Know'

Choir - 'All Because of God's Amazing Grace'

Choir - I Call It Home'

Choir - 'Settle Down and Rest'

Choir - 'Who I Am'

Choir - 'King of Kings'

Choir - 'Gonna Stand By Me'

Choir - 'Jesus is Keeping Watch Over My Soul'

Choir - 'Psalm 27'

Choir - 'He's All That I Need'

Choir - 'It's a Grand and a Glorious Feeling' 

Choir - 'Somebody Loves Me'

Choir - 'When the Rose of Sharon Bloomed'

Choir - 'God Saves Old Sinners'

Choir - 'If Jesus Said That He Would Do It'

Choir - 'I Made It By Grace'

Betty, Kevin & Deborah - 'The Church'

Glory Band - 'There is a Fountain'

Glory Band - 'Surely Goodness and Mercy'

Glory Band - 'Going Home'

Lockee Family - 'I Can Trust Jesus'

Lockee Family - 'Heaven for Me'

Lockee Family - 'Prior to a Prayer'

Lockee Family - 'He Knows My Name'

Lockee Family - 'The Love of God'

Lockee Family - 'How Deep the Father's Love for Us'

Lockee Family - 'He Already Sees the Rainbow'

Lockee Family - 'I Keep Praying'

Lockee Family - 'It's Under the Blood'

Lockee Family - 'There is a Peace'

Lockee Family - 'I'd Rather Have Jesus'

Lockee Family - 'It Matters to the Master'

Williams Family - 'That's When Faith Begins'

Williams Family - 'Remember When'

Williams Family - 'Glorious'

Williams Family - 'New Grace'

Williams Family - 'Here They Come'

Williams Family - 'Precious Jesus'

Williams Family - 'Above and Beyond'

Williams Family - 'God is my Refuge'

Williams Family - 'He Did It All For Me'

Williams Family - 'In His Time'

Williams Family - 'On the Banks of the Promise Land'

Williams Family - 'One Scarred Hand'

Williams Family - 'Shepherd's Point of View'

Brandon - 'No Other Word for Grace but Amazing'

Brandon - 'He Will Remain'

Brandon - 'Your Ways are Higher than Mine'

Brandon - 'Redeemer of the Rain'

Brandon - 'Through It All'

Brandon - 'He is Still There'

Brandon - 'Gotta Get to Jesus'

Brandon - 'Sheltered in the Arms of God'

Brandon - 'Wherever You Are'

Brandon - 'Take My Hand, Precious Lord'

Brandon - 'Altar of Grace'

Brandon - 'Piano Medley'

Brandon - 'Heaven for Me'

Brandon - 'So Will I' 

Jan - 'Sweetest Mother'

Jan - 'So You Would Know How Much I Love You'

Jan - 'Just One More Soul'

Brandon, Jordan & Amber - 'He Touched Me'

Brandon, Jordan & Amber - 'Behold the Lamb'

Brandon, Jordan & Amber - 'Paid in Full'

Brandon, Jordan & Amber - 'Above & Beyond'

Brandon, Jordan & Amber - 'I Stand Redeemed'

Brandon, Jordan & Amber - 'It's About the Cross'

Brandon, Jordan & Amber - 'No One Ever Cared for Me'

Brandon, Jordan & Amber - 'King of Eternity'

Brandon, Jordan & Amber - 'Something's Happening' (excerpt)

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