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Humbly Grateful
5/24/2021 8:37:43 AM
It seems that complaining is much of what we so often hear from people these days.  And it is easy to be caught up in that mindset, isn't it?  We find so much that is frustrating and aggravating to us in this life.  People wear on our nerves.  The government frustrates us with their waste and actions.  Living with sickness or physical pain wears on us as well.  There is always something that seems to be going the wrong direction for us.
But in all things we can make a choice of whether to be grumbling or grateful.  And yes, it is a choice.  It is humbling to realize that God has blessed me far greater than I could ever deserve.  I don't deserve His kindness for one day of my life, but He blesses me every day.  So, today, why not look for something to be grateful for and I don't think it would take you long to find it.  I am able to breathe God's air.  I had breakfast this morning.  I can enjoy my friends and family.  I was able to worship in church yesterday.  I have a closet with clothes, a roof over my head and much much more.  It is all because of Him.  So, today, let's be humbly grateful for all He has done for us.

5/17/2021 8:44:58 AM
"Biblical encouragement is no casual kind word, but rather a premeditated resolve to lift the spirit of another person." - Max Lucado   Is there someone you know who could use a word of encouragement today?  Go ahead and give it.  It will help make your day and theirs.
5/11/2021 9:45:22 AM
There are many wondrous words in the English language, but for you and me as God's children the word "forgiven" has to be one of the greatest.  To know that God, who is Holy and Just, has forgiven us of all our sins is far beyond my comprehension.  I struggle to forgive at times.  It may not be too tough to forgive once or even twice, but when asked to forgive again and again is next to impossible for us.  But God forgives us even though we come to Him time and time again having sinned once more and so often it's the same failure.  Still He cleanses us and forgives us, never to hold it against us again.  What amazing love and grace!  I am so thankful today for such forgiveness.  How about you?
Pray Without Ceasing
5/4/2021 8:05:02 AM
Before the apostle Paul closed his first letter to the church at Thessalonica he made several statements to leave with them.  One of those was the short phrase, Pray without ceasing, 1 Thessalonians 5:17.  He wasn't meaning to always be praying, but to never stop praying; to continue to pray at all times.  I'll be honest with you praying can be a difficult thing.  Sometimes we grow weary when we don't see our prayers answered right away.  But the challenge of Paul is don't give up.  Don't stop praying, even though the answer is long coming.  To you who are weary in praying today, take this challenge and don't give up.  Keep praying for those things on your heart.  There is a God in Heaven who is listening and will answer in His time.
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