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A Lot of Talk About Peace
10/27/2020 8:14:08 AM
There has been a lot of talk about peace in the news lately coming out of the Middle East.  Various Arab countries are signing peace agreements with Israel and starting relationships with each other that once seemed impossible.  Some are saying there will be more to come.  Only time will tell.  My thoughts take me to Jeremiah 8:11 where it says, For they have healed the hurt of the daughter of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace.  I can't help but think that this is only a precursor to a time when an agreement of peace will be made with Israel during the days of the Antichrist and they will be able to rebuild the Temple.  Thinking that lasting peace is achieved it will only be shortlived and will fall apart like a house of cards.  There will be no lasting peace until the Prince of peace comes and establishes His kingdom on this earth.  When He sits upon the throne of His father David and rules and reigns for a thousand years, then there will be a time of peace that this world has only dreamed of.  I can't help but think that we are only seeing the Bible fulfilled before our very eyes and the stage is being set.  Soon and very soon the Lord Himself will return for His bride to catch us away.  Even so come quickly Lord Jesus! 
More Grace
10/23/2020 8:04:23 AM
There is a little phrase found in James 4:6 that says, But he giveth more grace.  I have always loved that thought.  I am so thankful that God gives grace, but what a blessing to realize that He gives more grace when it is needed.  The idea is that He gives grace greater in measure or supply.  When our need seems greater, He has more grace to meet that need.  It is grace greater than all my sins.  When I have failed Him, His grace extends greater than my sins.  It is grace greater than all my sorrows.  It is grace greater than all my stressful situations.  It is grace greater than all my struggles.  It is grace greater than all my sufferings.  So this grace is superior than it all.  It is sufficient for it all, as well.  No matter where you are or what you are dealing with today, He has more grace for you to face the problem or deal with the situation.  Just look to Him because He is the one that gives more grace.
Love So Amazing
10/19/2020 8:42:35 AM
Have you ever had someone to let you down?  Have you ever been disappointed in life by someone or something that happened to you?  Well, of course you have...we all have.  We all know the sting of someone we know, we loved, we trusted, we counted on and thought we could depend on that let us down somewhere.  But the fact is, we're all human and as humans we are all subject to failure.  I can let someone else down just as easily as someone has let me down.  But, isn't it a blessing to know of One who never lets us down?  Who never fails?  There is one whose love is so amazing toward us that you can always count on Him.  He knows me.  He knows my every thought, both good or bad.  He knows my weaknesses and my strengths.  He knows my successes and my failures.  He knows when I've done right and when I've done wrong.  He sees me completely, as no one could ever see me.  Yet, He loves me in spite of it all.  Nothing about me changes His love.  I can't do anything to make Him love me more and I'll never do anything that would cause Him to love me less.  That is amazing love, is it not?  So, today you may feel disappointed somewhere in this life, but never forget about the One who loves you with an amazing love.
Homesick for Home
10/16/2020 6:36:12 AM
I remember when I was young, probably eight or nine years old, going to my cousins house to spend the night.  All was well and we had fun...until it got dark and it was getting close to bedtime.  I got sick on my stomach.  It wasn't that I didn't love where I was at or the people I was with.  I just wanted to go home.  I remember my aunt calling my mom and her coming to the house, getting me and taking me home.  That was my first experience of being homesick.  Well, times have changed since then, but it seems the older I get the more homesick for home I become.  I'm talking about the one the Lord has gone to prepare.  It isn't that I don't love where I'm at or the people I'm with.  Oh my, I surely do, but there is a sickness about this old world that causes me to look for home.  It's a familiar place where family will be and the Lord will be.  Where there will be no more sin, no sorrow, no sickness, no sadness and no Satan to contend with.  I look forward to the day when the Lord comes to get us all and take us home.  How about you?  Do you ever just get homesick for home?
Pray Without Ceasing
10/13/2020 7:43:20 AM
I remember hearing it or reading it somewhere years ago, but the statement was that "prayer is one of the hardest things you'll ever do."  I believe that and I believe that standing right along beside it would be the word patience.  It isn't hard to say little nothing prayers that aren't very vital or personal to you.  But when something is heavy on your heart, prayer can be a hard thing.  To earnestly call upon the Lord can take a lot out of you.  When our hearts are burdened and we need the help of the Lord we tend to lay aside all of the superficial things, the flowery things that may dress up our prayers and we cry out desperately to the Lord.  Then the Lord knows we are serious about what we are praying for and His attention is solely on our cries.  So, I encourage you to pray and to pray without ceasing over what is on your heart.  Not the flowery, formal, careless type of prayer, but the serious kind that the Father will know we truly are seeking His help in time of need.  He is always listening.
Jesus Knows What You're Going Through
10/7/2020 10:13:04 AM
I remember several years ago, when I pastored here the first time and was driving the school bus, that there was a particular time that I was really struggling.  To be honest I don't remember now what the situation was that I was struggling with.  What I remember is that on that particular morning I got on the bus, ran my route and came back to the school.  I was so low.  I was discouraged and just needed something.  I remember I got off the bus, got into my car and cranked it.  The radio was on and the first words I heard were the words of an old song from back then that said this..."Jesus knows what you're going through."  It was like the Lord spoke those words to my heart that morning and I couldn't help but cry.  It was what I needed to be reminded of that day.  I want you to know that today.  No matter what you're facing.  No matter what you're going through.  No matter how hard your day is.  No matter how difficult things may be right now for you.  Jesus knows what you're going through.  He has promised to go through it with you.  He will never leave you and He will never forsake you.  Lean on His strength.
When Sorrows Like Sea Billows Roll
10/5/2020 8:13:37 AM
There are times in each of our lives that we feel overwhelmed.  It can come in so many ways.  We can feel overwhelmed by the stress of work or by the pressing needs of family.  We can feel overwhelmed by days of sickness or a life filled with pain.  In the words of Horatio Spafford's great hymn there are times when sorrows like sea billows roll.  I've never been out on the sea, but I've seen enough pictures to get the idea of the thought.  Sometimes you feel as though it is one wave after another to the point you wonder if the next wave is the one to take you under.  It must have been how the disciples felt on the sea of Galilee when they tried so hard to deal with the storm, but felt they would perish.  It was then that they awoke the Master and asked Him, "Carest thou not that we perish?"  Foolish question?  Of course, but don't we all get there sometimes?  That's when the Master of the sea arose and calmed the winds and waves.  He can still do that in our troubled seas.  When our sorrows like sea billows roll and when He speaks peace then we can follow with the words, "It is well, it is well with my soul."  He does care about your storm so why not call on the One who has the power to calm the seas of your heart today?
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