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Memorial Day Thoughts

Memorial Day is exactly what it says…it is a day that serves to preserve our memory.  It is a day set aside lest we forget the sacrifices made by men and women so that we might enjoy the freedoms we share today.  It isn’t about whether you agree with war or not.  It isn’t about what political platform you stand on.  It isn’t about time off from work.  It is about honoring those who have bravely served and sacrificed that America and Americans can remain free today.  When you freely drive to church or to the mall or to work or wherever you desire to go, think about the sacrifices that earned you that right.  When you lay in the warmth of your bed consider the soldiers who have laid in the fox holes of battlefields whose names are seldom remembered that you could do that.  When you sit down at your table to eat a meal with your family consider the soldiers who, far from home and family, lived with the thought that they may never see their families again to give us that privilege.  When you see old glory waving in the cemetery marking the graves of those who bravely served our country in the military, consider that by the grace of Almighty God and the sacrifice of these great men and women, we are what we are today as a nation; living in freedom for nearly 244 years.  We dare not forget their great sacrifice in preserving our freedoms.  I am thankful on this Memorial Day 2020 for those who have sacrificed, who haved served and are now serving in our Armed Forces.  

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